Music we Play

For the remainder of 2022 and on into 2023 we encourage our members to have the book: Harpers Hall Ensemble Volume 1 (available at Melody’s and at most stores selling harp print music.) 

Musical selections we have played in the past are listed below the free download section, including selections from the Folk Harp Journal, the magazine of the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen.

Enjoy FREE DOWNLOAD MUSIC. In all cases, divide up the parts if the music is challenging. Playing only the LH or the RH is absolutely fine. Playing “all” the pieces is not necessary. Sitting out is fine. Learn what you can.

A few free downloads compliments of the Gulf Coast Harpers:

Winter 2020
Page 12
Page 24
Page 42
Page 70

Spring 2021
Page 21
Page 36
Page 44
Page 46
Page 60 – divide up parts

Summer 2021
Page 8
Page 15
Page 26
Page 45
Page 69

Fall 2021
Page 21
Page 28
Page 34
Page 42
Page 53
Page 69

Click drowsy maggie – harp – Score to download Jeff   Armstrong’s simplified version of Drowsy Maggie.  Jeff also wrote a very playable companion to Bonny Slope

Chimes by Janet Harbison (usually used as a warm-up): chimes-harbison

For those interested in the program from one of our “Random Acts of Harping”  Click this PDF file to get a list of the repertoire for a program presented at Bellaire Park. 2022 May 21st Bellaire Pavilion Program