Karen McGarrett Memorial Scholarship

A memorial scholarship has been created to honor our dear Karen McGarrett who passed away on March 23, 2024. 

Karen, an extremely gifted harpist and one of Mary’s first students, worked at Melody’s when they first opened. Always happy and smiling, she was a tremendous asset. She became an excellent teacher and nurtured students through college, some of them becoming harp majors.

Along the way, she met her beloved Walt (an excellent Ferrier and botanist), married him, and moved to the Nacogdoches area where they raised and trained Chesapeake Bay retrievers and collected stray cats who became beloved family members. Walt and Karen both taught for the public school system in the town of Garrison, TX.  Karen continued harp studies with Therese Honey, who mentored her in giving workshops and concerts.

When John and Mary talked of retirement and asked Karen if she wanted Melody’s, she declined. But her devoted husband, knowing her so well, encouraged her to look at that possibility in a different light. They decided that yes, they would take over Melody’s. Karen and Mary worked together at the recent “Harp in Worship” conference in Dallas and had a great time. Being perfect for the task, everyone who met Karen found joy in her energy and sheer happiness. She received the seal of approval from everybody.

Her health caused an abrupt change of plans. She was hospitalized in December for severe pain. Cancer was found and she passed away on March 23.

We will miss her wonderful spirit, magnificent smile, positive attitude, and everything else about her. Karen was and is pure goodness in every way.