John Gill Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert “John” Gill  –  1955 – 2024

When John married harpist Mary Radspinner in 1986, they made their home in Cypress where they opened a unique harp specialty store called Melody’s Traditional Music. The store was named after their beloved Afghan Hound, Melody.

John became the premier harp repairman in the state of Texas. His accounting training made him an outstanding store owner. He handled inventory, ordering, and all store details. He made friends with everybody, and especially enjoyed speaking with vendors, one of whom said, “ it was always a pleasure to call Melody’s and get to talk to John. I can’t think of very many people who have left such a wonderful legacy.”  

The store went on to become a world-class seller of print music for the harp. A secondary publishing business grew. John packed many a box of hundreds of titles which shipped throughout the US, Europe and Australia. He was a favorite of many harpists with his patience. He tied string knots and showed infinite patience to computer challenged individuals.

John (and Mary) devoted time to the rescue of Afghan Hounds and Golden Retrievers. They fostered and foster-failed many. In addition to Melody, he would want us to remember Mastafha, Einstein, Andy, Hank, Sir Flounder, Mendelssohn. Harry and Joey who no doubt greeted him on May 26.

Over the past 15 years, John reunited with high school friends to play guitar, bass guitar, and sing in a classic rock band called “Whiskey In The Decaf” He also took up the cello and finished level 5 in the Suzuki books.

John was loved by many people because of his honesty, friendliness, and ability to make conversation on many topics, mostly dogs and harps. He was truly a gem who fell into the harp “fishbowl” and he embraced every minute of it. He will be greatly missed.

Before his death, John acquired an extraordinary peace of mind when on April 1, Nick and Sue Pickus took over the ownership of Melody’s.